In order to become member, fill in this form, return it and pay the contribution. The board of directors has decided to fix the contribution for the association on 50€ for individual members (natural persons) and 150€ for legal persons per calender year.

The invitation for payment will be sent during the last two months of the previous year. The contribution will be used mostly to pay the fixed costing of the association (e.g. website, contribution to the international ISCM umbrella organisation, administrative costing, etc.). 


  • Each member is part of the General Assembly of the association. By means of this legal body members can participate in the mission and  actions of ISCM-Flanders through their votes.
  • Each member has the right to send one score for free for each 'call for scores'. These works will be taken into consideration by a jury to be selected for the annual Flemish ISCM music day and the annual ISCM World Music Days submission.
  • ISCM-Vlaanderen takes part in many international exchange programs.
  • All members of the association have free access to the events organised by ISCM-Flanders.