Until recently ISCM was a cupola organisation of national composers associations. The delegates meet eachother during the annual World Music Days - a contemporary music festival during which pieces of the different national sections are performed.

Today, composer André Laporte is chairman of the Belgian national section, which means he sends each year the scores for these World Music Days and participates in the meetings. The Wallonian side is represented by Christian Renard. Hence ISCM-Belgium actually receives subsidies from the Flemish and Wallonian governments. In 2007 André Laporte will hand over the presidency of ISCM-Belgium.

A few recent changes to the statutes of the international association have created the possibility for other organisations to become  “associate member”. Besides composers associations, orchestras, ensembles and documentation centres are now welcome also. Another novelty is the “ISCM ensemble”: the General Assembly denotes an ensemble that during one year will tour around the world with ISCM repertoire (pieces of both the own country and from other national sections). 

In order to make use of these new possibilities, André Laporte and Peter Swinnen proposed to create an independent ISCM-Vlaanderen: a platform for contemporary art music in Flanders, for composers and ensembles, as well as documentation centres and whomever is professionally involved in contemporary art music. This association was officially founded the 8th of december 2005, in presence of 50 componisers, musicians, organisators, …