ISCM stands for International Society of Contemporary Music, an international organisation for contemporary art music that was founded in 1923. It is an important international network for the promotion of contemporary art music, consisting today of almost 50 members, coming from all corners of our globe. The national sections are independent organisations, exerting themselves each one in its own country to further contemporary music. 

The annual meeting of ISCM (World Music Days) takes place during a contemporary music festival, organised each time by one of the national sections. Part of the program consists of compositions, chosen by an international jury, and for which each member may send up to 6 scores. Besides being an unique opportunity for composers, ensembles and documentation centres to present themselves to an international audience, these World Music Days also make for a specialised profession grant, where contacts can efficiently be made and exchanged.

The ISCM Registered Office is in Paris, the General Secretary is with Gaudeamus in Amsterdam.

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